Sewage Treatment Systems in Devon and Cornwall

We offer a wide range of different types of sewage treatment plant and they all work using the same basic principle: settlement, biological treatment and then further settlement.

The biological treatment zone comprises of a large surface area on which bacteria may grow where air and food (i.e. sewage) are present. The air can then be introduced in different ways through a submerged aerated filter or a rotating biological contactor.

The aim of all sewage treatment plants is to produce a final effluent that can meet the standards set by the Environment Agency via a “Consent to Discharge” to enable the final effluent to discharge into a water course or soakaway.
The benefit of this is in areas where the ground is poor and the effluent can only be discharged into a water course.

Sewage Treatment Plant Supply and Installation in Devon and Cornwall

At Essential Sewage Systems we offer full support every step of the way. We can help you with the legal requirements of obtaining “Consent to Discharge” from the Environment Agency as well as recommending and installing the Sewage Treatment Plant itself. At Essential Sewage Systems we have the expertise you need.

Find out more about our sewage treatment plant supply and installation just call us on 01237 441322

Sewage Treatment Plant Servicing in Devon and Cornwall

Sewage treatment plants will require a service over the course of the year.

The frequency will always depend on the type of sewage treatment plant and the number of dwellings connected to it. Essential Sewage Systems can both service the electronic and mechanical aspects at the same time as monitoring effluent standards by collecting and analysing the final effluent sample.