Agricultural Services in Devon and Cornwall

Agricultural farm audit services

This is designed to offer the farmer/grower a complete service to satisfy the rigours of the annual farm audit. Whether it is the Assured Produce standard or the more rigorous customer specifics such as Nurture or Field to Fork we will provide as much support as necessary.

If your annual Agricultural Farm Audit is on the horizon or you are considering any new ventures requiring third party verification or even a self assessment, talk to us. We will evaluate any systems you have and work with you to develop any procedures required to satisfy the whole Agricultural Farm Audit process.

If the Agricultural Farm Audit is approached correctly is a useful tool for safeguarding and providing creditability to your farming business and a solid foundation to allow your business to grow in the future.

Pre-Audit Support

If your annual Agricultural Farm Audit is imminent or you are considering a new venture requiring third party verification or even a self assessment, please call us.

We will evaluate everything you already have and then; if necessary, prepare and put into place any procedures required for the whole verification process.

The Audit

We can provide our clients full support on the day of the audit, including meeting and greeting the auditor and going through the whole process whatever the requirements. We will continue even after the audit is over to provide support for any non-compliance. The auditor will undoubtedly find something!


With over 30 years experience within the waste water industry and working with the environmental agency providing on site pollution prevention and advice, clearing up pollution incidents, Essential Sewage Systems staff offer impartial advice and consultancy on a number of aspects of biological processes, waste water treatment plants, and trade waste.